1970s counterweight light


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Vintage modern desk lamp

This lamp is super rare.
Beautiful design, the heavy base is made of die-cast metal. A rod with pulley is attached to this. A cord with a non-ferrous (brass) weight runs over this.
On the other side a non-ferrous hinged ball that keeps the aluminum cap and the two metal rods in balance.

The light switch is located on the base and has two positions, up and down.

It was probably made in the early 70s, but there are also people who indicate the 50s and 60s.

It may no longer be in new condition, but we have decided to keep it as original. The paint layer came loose on one side. This piece of paint has been stuck back on.
The pulley wheel does not rotate 100 percent, but that has no influence.
The bottom plate screw was broken so it was replaced with a new one.
As a result, the felt on the bottom (so that it does not scratch) has also been replaced.

This lamp is a 12 Volt halogen lamp for a maximum of 50 Watts. and works on 230 Volt - 50Hz.
You can always use an inverter for other voltages.

Measurements :
Diameter hood - 15 cm. / 5.9 inch.
Height - 50 cm. / 19.7 inch.
Depth - 50 cm. / 19.7 inch.

Original electric cable, length, 170 cm. / 66.9 inch. long.
European two-pin power plug type: F.
Also works with type C.
Overseas buyers can either change the plug or use a plug converter.

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