50’s converted heater UFO lamp

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Mid century UFO light

Since we have always found this model a beautiful object, but heating with this device is unnecessary and too expensive to use, we have turned it into a lamp. As a Dutchman and a lamp fan, I say "who says UFO says Louis Kalff. And what he did with many models was to let the mirror head of the lamp stick through the opening of the shade. This gives a nice light effect. So we have made good use of this.

Just to be clear.
This lamp is originally a heater. We have removed the heating element and replaced a fitting.

Fully cleaned and equipped with a new fitting and electrical wire with switch 190 cm. /
(European two-pin power plug)
Edison screw-fitting E26 / E27 for a 60 Watt (max) light bulb.
We recommend LED bulbs.

Brand : Itho
Type : TYPE FS-7
Year : end 50's - early 60's
Material : metal

In good condition (some scratches, little dents)

Measurements :
Height : 17,5 cm. / 6.9 inch.
Width : 34 cm. / 13.4 inch.

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