50s Stockmann Orno classic light

Mid Century Modern pendant light

This beautifully designed hanging lamp is in very good condition for its age. This is because it is made of aluminum. As a result, there are no traces of rust, no dents either. Only some very small scratches, difficult to see, also because the original paint is a kind of metallic. The white paint on the inside also looks good.

Produced by Stockmann Orno.
Design by Lisa Johansson-Pape.
Year : 1950's.
Material : Aluminium.

Measurements :
Height - 24 cm. / 9.5 inch.
ø - 44,3 cm. / 17.4 inch.

New ceramic Edison screw-fitting E26/E27 for a 100 Watt light bulb.
We recommend a 12 Watt. LED bulb.
Because the ceramic fitting was broken, it was replaced by a new one.
The strain relief has been replaced and it has a new metal ceiling cap.
Cleaned and equipped with a new electrical cord, 230 cm. / 90 inch. long.

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