Aloys Gangkofner pendent lamp

Rare space age lamp

This model is very rare and fragile, and we are pleased that it is in such good condition. It is feather light but made of high quality "fantastic plastic". This model has a transparent outside and inside another opal plastic sphere. This gives a beautiful light effect. The regular models of Aloys Gangkofner are usually white, and then there is no inner sphere.

Producer : Philips Holland.
Design by Aloys Gangkofner.
Made in 1967.
Material : featherlight plastic.
Condition: Very good, only minor damage corresponding to the time (56 years), the three dots that can be seen at the bottom and at the top are production marks.

This lamp is very similar to an "Erco Germany" although the philips logo is printed in the ceiling cap.

Measurements :
Diameter : 44 cm / 17.3 inch.
Height : 21 cm. / 8.3 inch.

Original Edison screw-fitting E26/E27 for a 75 Watt lightbulb.
We recommend a 10 watt. LED bulb.
Fully cleaned and equipped with a new long electrical cord.

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