Boulanger brass wall light set

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vintage wall light set

These stylish folding arm lamps are made of brass and brass-plated metal. The hood can be rotated 360 degrees, which is very handy, so the light can be where you want it.
The light switch on the fixture makes these lamps extremely suitable for a blind connection to the wall.
For the age of these lamps they still look beautiful, some signs of 45 years of service.
They look identical but there is a slight difference in the overhang, making one arm slightly shorter than the other, but it's barely noticeable.
Both lamps have the authenticity sticker on the back.

Produced by S.A. Boulanger.
Model : 4725.
Land : Belgium.
Year : 70's.
Material : brass and metal.

Measurements :
Overhang - 62,2 cm. / 24.5 inch.
Overhang - 58,7 cm. / 23.1 inch.
Hood size :
Width - 14,2 cm. / 5.6 inch.
Depth - 15 cm. / 5.9 inch.

This model has got a Edison screw-fitting (E14) for a 60 - 75 Watt. lightbulb.
We recommend 6 Watt. LED bulbs.

Price is for 2 lamps.

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