Embryonic development – School Chart


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Original vintage pull down school chart of the human body Nr. 23

Embryonic development.

This beautiful chart was produced by Ernst Klett Verlag Stuttgart Germany.

The chart is printed on paper and backed with linen.
Earliest print, 1960.
For it's age in very good vintage condition.

Measurements :
- Width (including wooden dowels) : 94 cm. / 37 inch.
- Length: 119 cm. / 46.8 inch.

The posters are famous for their vibrant colors and scientific detail.
One of the most notable features about this series is absence of text, making the posters a beautiful and incredibly versatile teaching tool (translation was not required).

In 1930 Ernst Klett the Younger extended the regional textbook program by purchasing the textbook department of the Bonz publishing house.
He received in 1945 as one of the first German publisher of the American military government a publishing license.

Common textbooks, such as Learning English and the math book Lambacher Swiss, published in 1947.
1956, the first information bureau outside Stuttgart was set up in Munich. From 1962, the series "sounding Klett books" with records and tapes appeared as building blocks for a multimedia education.

In 1968, a cartographic editorial office was founded in the textbook publishing house. In 1970,
the first slides (= Arbeitsstransparente) for use on the overhead projector were published by Klett in biology.
In 1971, Klett presented a test program for computer-aided teaching at the "Interschul" teaching aids show in Dortmund.
Likewise, films for biology classes appeared.

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