Green Temde Space Age Pendant Light

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Rare Space Age Pendant Light

This 60's pendant is fully original.
For it's age it's in a very good condition.

Land : German Design.
Manufacturer : Temde.
Completely made from metal.

Measurements :
Height - 30 cm. / 11.8 inch.
Width - 21 cm. / 8.2 inch.

Original Edison screw-fitting E27 for a 40 - 60 Watt lightbulb.
We recommend LED bulbs.

Temde was a German lamp manufacturer founded by Fritz Müller, son of a furniture manufacturer in the town of Detmold. Fritz Müller was quick in recognising the potential of the ongoing electrification of modern life and began producing electric lamps with wooden bodies. Temde was one if the first companies to use the brand new medium of film to instruct its employees in the 1930s. Following the economic crises and following trade barriers the company set up a sister company in Switzerland that focussed more on the creation of metal and glass lamps. In the 1950s the company used new technologies like veneer and plywood. Temde lamps were always high quality and had high production costs. This made it hard for Temde to compete on price with its competitors and they profited less than expected from the German recovery. In the 1970s the company focussed more on metal, glass and plastic lamps using modern designs. In 1986 the German company was dissolved and in 2000 the last remains of the Swiss Temde were also dissolved.

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