Hoffmeister Leuchten Space Age Wall Lights

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Space Age Wall Lights

Produced in the 70's by Hoffmeister Leuchten.
German Design.
Lamp is made of plastic and chrome metal.

Measurements : Diameter - 38 cm. / 15 inch.

This is the original color orange.
The condition is good / very good.
One and two corners were cut off for the cable to pass.
With original chrome cover for the bulb fitting, one is a bit dented (see last photo) but wen the bulb is in it, you can't see it.

Price is for one lamp, we have three.

Edison screw-fitting (E27) for one 25-100 Watt. head-mirror bulb.
We recommend LED bulbs.
Fully cleaned and equipped with a new white electrical cord with switch (200 cm. / 78inch)
(European two-pin power plug)

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