Iconic mid century ceiling lamp

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Iconic 3-Light

This is a lamp for the real enthusiast of Dutch midcentury lighting design. It does not look like new, but it is also about the appearance of this lamp, which is a true work of art.

We completely disassembled it and cleaned it thoroughly.
This is because the light-caps and bottom of the large bowl are not bad. The top of the large aluminum bowl and the rod with the ceiling rose do have a lot of damage, mainly white paint splashes. It has been somewhat concealed with a black marker, but because the lamp normally hangs high, it is not visible.
Too bad a painter didn't cover the lamp when he painted the ceiling. It would be possible to have the rod and large hood repainted. But that's personal for everyone, I'm not such a fan of it myself.
Because the electrical wiring was very bad, it has been renewed. The fittings were also broken, and have therefore been replaced by 1970s fittings.
Due to its color and traces of use, it is a beautiful industrial object that will never go out of style.

Producer : HALA Zeist Holland.
Designed by H. Busquet.
Year : early 1950s.
Material : Aluminium and metal.
Typical star pattern in the caps.
The screws have the "HALA ZEIST" inscription.
Since this lamp is almost 70 years old, it has scratches and spots where the paint has disappeared, but no dents.

Measurements :
Height - 58 cm. / 22.8 inch.
ø - 55,5 cm. / 21.8 inch.
Height each chalice - cm. / inch.
Diameter each chalice - cm. / inch.

This model has got Edison screw-fittings E26 / E27 for 60 Watt. lightbulbs.
We recommend 6 watt. LED bulbs.
Completely disassembled for proper cleaning.

Herman Theodoor Jan Anthoin Busquet (born Feb.9 1914) was a Dutch industrial designer.
Started the company Hala in 1932 and designed mostly modern lighting.
Another classic model is the Pinocchio and nr.144.
H. Busquet past away June 12 1977.

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