Modern Mid Century wall lamp – witch’s hat swivel arm

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Rare witch hat Wall Lamp

This rare mid-century lamp is very similar to the famous Gipsen Panama lamp. The Aluminium witch's hat is mounted on the swivel arm in the same way, namely from the top of the tip. Often on the side, the caps are connected to the arm. This lamp was certainly made in the 50s. In very good condition. The lampshade has its original matte off-white color with minor damage to the edge but no dents. The inside is also beautifully painted.
The wall plate is also in very good condition with the beautiful special black paint.
This lamp has been completely taken apart to get it as clean as possible. Despite the fact that the 100 Watt lamp was still in it when I got it, I would like to mention that this was very common to conduct it via such a thin electrical cable with the original plug.

Measurements :
Height - 20 cm. / 7.9 inch.
ø lampshade - 29,6 cm. / 11.6 inch.
Length - 77 cm. / 30.3 inch.

Fully cleaned and equipped with a new light switch.
(European two-pin power plug)
Original Edison screw-fitting E26 / E27 for a 75 Watt lightbulb.
We recommend LED bulbs.

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