Original Duscholux mirror wall light

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Round Mirror with Lighting

First, i like to tell that this light is provide from a 40 Watt fluorescent tube 220 Volt. 50 Herz.
Gives a lot of light.
This heavy lamp is in very good condition. Fully cleaned. No cracks in the plastic and only minor signs of aging on the mirror.
The frequency of the fluorescent lamp makes it difficult for my camera to take a good picture. There because of the yellow lines in the image.

This is a lamp for an electrical connection from the wall. Of course a cable can also be made as I did to show it when it is on, but the best thing is without a cable.

Measurements :
Diameter - 48 cm. / 18.9 inch.
Deep - 9 cm. / 3.5 inch.

Brand : Original Duscholux.
Country : Germany.
Year : 1970's.
Lamp carries the brand label.

It uses a standard fluorescent lamp Osram l40w/640c, 40 Watt.
Also available in LED.
These are available in almost every hardware store.

Lamp is included but no warranty on the fluorescent lamp.
What is Lucite ?
Lucite is actually a brand name. It is the brand name of DuPont’s acrylic type of material that has the properties of plastic and glass, which means it is clear. It is heavier, as well, compared to traditional plastic.

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