Rotaflex mid century pendant light

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Rare Pendant Light

This early 60's hanging lamp is really a nice piece from the past.
This lamp is a fine piece of design. Both the shape and the technique how this lamp and shape came about. This technique of nylon acetate, a type of plastic that is molded tightly and perfectly together, is so recognizable and also rare. You immediately know that you are dealing with a "Rotaflex". It is very light material but has proven that it still looks beautiful after 60 years, despite the white being somewhat discolored.

Produced by Rotaflex.
Made from plastic.
Color : Red and off white.
Year :1960's.
This beautiful pendent light is in very good condition.

Measurements :
Height - 21 cm. / 8.3 inch.
ø - 33,5 cm. / 13.2 inch.

This model has got the original Edison screw-fittings (E26 / E27) for a 60 Watt. lightbulb.
We recommend LED bulbs.
Fully cleaned and equipped with a new electrical cord and a new ceiling cap.

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