Space age mirror Termotex – Denmark

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Vintage space age mirror

This beautiful mirror has an big orange outer edge made of plastic.
Probably made in the early 70's.
It has suffered some minor damage over the years.
The plastic edge on the wall side has a few hairline cracks, see photo 3 + 4.
There is a small dent at the bottom left, see photo 8, because it is thin plastic, I have put a small cloth in the edge on the last 2 photos so that the dent is gone.
Mirror glass is in very good condition.

Brand : Termotex.
Made in Denmark.
Year : 70's.

Measurements :
Diameter - 54 cm. / 21.3 inch.
Deep - 5,7 cm. / 2.2 inch.
The edge - 7 cm. / 2.7 inch.

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