Space age table light set

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Space age table light set

These vintage design lamps has a beautiful and unique appearance.
Both are in very nice condition, almost like new.
The green melamine is clear and not scratched. The white glass is of a kind that I have not seen before, it feels quite rough, looks matte but is shiny at the same time. These are both like new and give the beautifully dosed light.
The only downside is that at the bottom where the cable is held by two screws, a piece of the melamine has broken off at a screw hole, see photo.

Price is for 2 lamps.

Brand : unknow.
Made in the early 70's.
Material : Melamine and glass.
Color : green.

Measurements :
Height - 30 cm. / 11.8 inch.
Diameter - 19 cm. / 7.5 inch.

This model has got the original Edison screw-fitting (E26 / E27) for a 60 Watt. (max) lightbulb.
Fully cleaned and equipped with a new white electrical cord with switch 180 cm. / 70 inch. long.
(European two-pin power plug) Plug type: C.
Also works with type E and type F.
We recommend a 4 Watt. LED bulb for this model.

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