Swedish teak string shelf system

Mid-century shelving unit

This beautiful 1960s wall system has 11 shelves, with different lengths and depths. And an angled wire shelf.
The nice thing about this set is that they can be combined in many ways.
The wooden planks have a teak veneer and look beautiful, especially for their age. Of course some planks have signs of use, the long plank has a hole in the underside. A small shelf has 2 small holes in the underside. The inclined wire platform had a broken suspension point, this has been welded.
Metal ladder frame also looks neat.
The shelves lie with small metal corners on the ladder frame.

Producer : String design AB.
Designer : Nisse & Katja Strinning.
Period : 1960's.
Material : Plasticized metal and wood with teak veneer.
Land : Sweden.

Measurements, complete as in the picture :
Width - 240 cm. / 94.5 inch.
Height - 102 cm. / 40.1 inch.
Depth - 30 cm. / 11.8 inch

6 ladders of 52 cm. high and 18.3 cm. deep.
2 ladders of 52 cm. high and 28.3 cm. deep.
2 ladders of 27 cm. high and 28.3 cm. deep.

8 shelves of 39 cm. wide and 20 cm. deep.
2 shelves of 39 cm. wide and 30 cm. deep.
1 long shelf of 78 cm. wide and 20 cm. deep.

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