Eyeball lamp – Reggiani Depositato


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Space age table light

This small design lamp has a beautiful and unique appearance. The unique thing is that the sphere from which the light comes out lies loose on a hemisphere. But quite fixed thanks to the magnet in the base. This allows the sphere to be turned or even removed from it.
This eyeball lamp is in good condition.
Small tear in the plastic spacer, see photo 8.
Sometimes hidden by sticking tape all around.

Made by Reggiani.
Model : Depositato.
Probably made in the early 70's.
Land : Italy.
Material : metal.
Color : orange.

Measurements :
Height - 19 cm. / 7.5 inch.
Diameter foot - 11,4 cm. / 4.5 inch.

This model has got the original Edison screw-fitting (E14) for a 40 Watt. (max) head-mirror lightbulb.
Fully cleaned and equipped with a new white electrical cord with switch 175 cm. / 69 inch. long.
(European two-pin power plug) Plug type: C.
Also works with type E and type F.
We recommend an LED lamp for this model.

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