Hillebrand xl ice glass wall sconce

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Ice Glass Wall Sconces

This is the longest model of its kind, with 4 fittings. These are made in different lengths, namely with 3 and 2 fittings.
Produced by Hillebrand Germany.
Because the lamp mainly consists of a thick 9 mm. / 0.35 inch. piece of glass, it is a heavy lamp.

Of course, this lamp can be hung both horizontally and vertically.

It is in a very good vintage condition.
Glass is like new.
The chrome is also in nice condition.
Only the plastic edge around the light switch is torn.

This is a lamp for an electrical connection from the wall. Of course a cable can also be made as I did to show it when it is on, but the best thing is without a cable. The light switch works perfectly.

The glass can be removed by unscrewing the two pins on the front.

Measurements :
Length - 59 cm. / 23.2 inch.
Wide - 7 cm. / 2.8 inch.
Deep - 9,2 cm. / 3.6 inch.

4 Original Edison screw-fittings E14 for 15 - 40 Watt lightbulbs.
We recommend 4 watt LED bulbs.

Factory in light fixtures founded by Egon Hillebrand in 1881.
The plant was based in Neheim, Germany on the Mohnestrasse.
The factory was closed in the 2nd WO and reopened in June 1945.
In 1954, Hillebrand launched the 'Leuchtspiegel' on the market. A mirror surrounded by lighting in an acrylic ring. Cooperation takes place with Ernest Igl (1920-2001) an industrial designer from Prague.
In 1995 the factory was closed.

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