Plexiglass square wall light

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Vintage wall lamp

This square wall lamp is timeless. Gives a beautiful warm ambiance light.
Back made of white perspex and the front is transparent brown. It can also be used as a ceiling lamp. Open on 2 sides, for a beautiful horizontal or vertical light effect.
In good vintage condition, some little scratches.

Producer : (probably Herda)
Period : 1970's.
Material : perspex.
Land : Dutch Design.

Measurement :
Height - 22,5 cm. / 8.9 inch.
Wide - 22,5 cm. / 8.9 inch.
Depth - 12,5 cm. / 4.9 inch.

Edison screw-fitting E26/E27 for a 60 Watt head-mirror lamp.
We recommend a 4 Watt LED bulb.

Fully cleaned and equipped with a new electrical cord with switch 175 cm. / 68.9 inch. long.
(European two-pin power plug) Plug type: C.
Also works with type E and type F.
Overseas buyers can either change the plug or use a plug converter.

"Herda Verlichting BV"
Was a Dutch family owned lamp factory in Amsterdam, Holland.
Founded in 1946 and declared bankrupt on June 24, 1997.
Herda had some top designers employed, including Willem van Oyen Sr. who is famous for his lamps he designed for the Raak company, also from Holland.

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