Kartell Componibili by Anna Castelli Ferrieri

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The Kartell Componibili Case

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri.

The Kartell Componibili case was designed in 1969.
It has a diameter of 42 cm. and a height of 23.5 cm.
Made of plastic ABS. This is a light and hard plastic with a long service life.
Original chrome steel wheels turn heavily.
After 50 years of production the Componibili is still one of Kartell's best selling furniture items.

Anna Castelli Ferrieri (August 6, 1918 - June 22, 2006) was an Italian architect and industrial designer.
Together with her husband, Giulio Castelli, was the founder of Kartell, an Italian contemporary furniture company.
She is most known for her influence in the use of plastics as a mainstream design material.

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