Konkylie Louis Weisdorf Ceiling Lamp

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Vintage colorful pendant light

We are happy to be able to offer this special lamp. This is an absolute design classic that in our opinion equates to a "Hans Folgaard", "Preben Dahl", "Svend Aage Holm Sørensen" or "Bent Karlby". This is not just light that you get into your home, this is art.
This beautiful and rare design lamp is in very good vintage condition.
The metal slats have minimal signs of age, but still stunning.

Produced by LYFA.
Land : Denmark.
Design by Louis Weisdorf.
Model : Konkylie.
Year : 1963.
Material : non ferro metal.
Color : different shades of white, 3 tones of different blues and magenta..

Condition: Very good vintage condition.

Measurements :
Height - 40 cm. / 15.7 inch.
ø - 40 cm. / 15.7 inch.

This model has got the original Edison screw-fitting (E27) for a 75 Watt. lightbulb.
We recommend LED bulbs, 17 Watt.

Some of the most beloved lighting designs that Weisdorf put into production with Lyfa include the Konkylie Hanging Lamp (1963), Facet Pendant (1963), Turbo Pendant (1965-67), Facet Pop Pendant (1970), Ekko Pendant (1966-68), and Multi-Lite Collection (1972-74). Because Weisdorf’s designs tended to involved intricate, overlapping layers of metal or plastic—an eye-catching composition for reducing glare—Lyfa sold his work as “prestige lighting.” Consequently these pieces were not produced in very large quantities, and they went out of production when Fog & Mørup acquired Lyfa in the 1970s.

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