Space age fiber pendent light

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New Old Stock Pendent Light

This special orange lamp has never been used.
It is found (just like another yellow-colored lamp) in a box in a warehouse of an old lighting store.

It is not known which company produced this lamp.
Made in the 70's.
Correspondingly, these lamps are very rare.
This pendent lamp is in a very good vintage condition.
Gives a very nice orange glow.

Material : Plastic.

Measurements :
Height - 30 cm. / 11.8 inch.
ø - 39 cm. / 15.3 inch.
Total height - 70 cm. / 27.5 inch - 165 cm. / 65 inch.
Easy to change in height thanks to the Rolly cabel system.

This model has got a Edison screw-fitting (E27) for a 40 Watt. lightbulb.
We recommend LED lamps.

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