Space age wall light


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Modern Wall Lamp

This beautiful vintage design lamp was made in the 1970s.
The lamp gives a nice and good light and because the colored orange band is in the lamp, it gives an orange glow.

This is often assigned as a RAAK Amsterdam lamp, yet we have seen no evidence for this.
What is more obvious is that it is made by Massive Belgium.
In very good vintage condition.
No dents, rust or scratches.
Probably made of a stainless metal, but due to the cold forming such as conversion of the surface, especially on the surface, the crystal structure has changed, which results in magnetic properties with this stainless steel type.

Measurements :
Height - 28,2 cm. / 11.1 inch.
Width - 9,5 cm. / 3.7 inch.
Depth - 10,5 cm. / 4.1 inch.

Includes wall mounting plate.
Since we always want the customer to have no problems actually hanging the lamp, we always test this in advance.

Fully cleaned and equipped with a new electrical wire with switch 185 cm. / 72 inch long.
Plug type: C. (European two-pin power plug).
Also works with type E and type F.
Edison screw-fitting E14 for a 40 Watt lightbulb.
We recommend a 4 watt. LED bulb.

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