The Strips table lamp

"The Strips"

This completely original lamp is in very good condition, some small scratches.
The transparent acrylic glass is beautifully clear.
Only 1 white strip has a small fold line. And one is missing a small corner bracket, but it's useful to insert last, and you don't see it.

Designers: Flemming Brylle & Preben Jacobsen.
Model : The Strips.
Materials: Clear acrylic and white PVC.
Design period: 1960s.
Land : Denmark.
Sold by IKEA in the early 90's.
With the original company sticker.

Measurements :
Height - 49 cm. / 19.3 inch.
Ø - 34 cm. / 13.4 inch.

A hanging lamp in two sizes has also been made from this model. In addition to the white slats, versions are also available in the colors yellow and red. The transparent frame is also produced in brown plexiglass.
The beauty of this white version is that you can choose any color you want with a colored lightbulb.

Edison screw-fitting E26 / E27 for a 60 Watt (max) bulb.
We recommend a 5 watt LED bulb.
Fully cleaned and equipped with the original electrical cable with switch 220 cm. / 87 inch. long.
(European two-pin power plug)
Overseas buyers can either change the plug or use a plug converter.

The lamp can (if you wish) be shipped assembled at your own risk. Otherwise it will be shipped disassembled, which is preferable as it is fairly friable.

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