Vintage 50s wall rack

Rare vintage wall shelf

Although this wall rack looks very industrial, it was indeed intended in the 1950s as a modern wall rack for the living room. The perforated metal is very characteristic for designer Mathieu Mategot.
This old used wall system has 2 shelves and is NOT adjustable in height.
The shelves are not completely straight anymore, but when it hangs on the wall it is not too bad, and it works fine.
The paint of the metal shelves is in fair condition, there are scratches and oxidation spots.
Since this rack is already 70 years old and the paint is original, this is part of it, we do not want to repaint it.
But don't worry, this item has character.
Can be attached very easily with 2 wall plugs.

Producer : Probably Artimeta.
Designer : Mathieu Mategot.
Year: 50's
Material : metal.

Measurements :
Height - 53 cm. / 20.8 inch.
Width - 61,7 cm. / 24.3 inch.
Depth - 17,8 cm. / 7 inch.

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