70s Aluminium hanging lamp

Vintage hanging lamp

This modern 1970s hanging lamp has a beautiful Scandinavian design and gives a pleasant light.
It is made of aluminium, which is why it has no rust and is light weight.
The condition is good, it has the usual signs of age.
The orange inside is in very nice condition, you hardly ever see them like that.

Producer : Lakro Amstelveen,
Country : the Netherlands.
Year : early 70's.
Material : Aluminium.

Measurements :
Height - 18,5 cm. / 7.3 inch.
ø - 30 cm. / 11.8 inch.

This model has got the original Edison screw-fitting E26 / E27 for a 75 Watt. lightbulb.
We recommend a 13 Watt. LED bulb.
Completely cleaned and equipped with a new electric cable, 150 cm. / 59 inch. long.
This lamp also comes with a new ceiling cap.

For more information feel free to send me an email.

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