Hala Zeist Clamp Lamp

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Clamp Lamp

What makes this clamp light special is the cap, which is completely closed. Often they are open at the back or here is the screw that holds the lamp holder, but it does not.
For its age it is in beautiful condition.
The felt between the squeeze part has been replaced, so that it does not make wreaths.
Because these lamps originally always came with a short cable without a switch, we have replaced them with a new long cable with a switch. 160 cm. / 63 inch. long.

Dutch Design by H. Busquet for HALA Zeist.
Type : pinch clamp.
Year : end 1950's.
Material: iron and aluminum.
Powdered varnish.
In good vintage condition.

These handy lights can be attached to the wall or to something thanks to the squeeze system.

Measurements :
Length - 30 cm. / 11.8 inch.
Ø - Reflector 11,2 cm. / 4.4 inch.

Edison screw-fitting E27 for a 40 Watt lightbulb.
We recommend LED bulbs.

Herman Theodoor Jan Anthoin Busquet (born Feb.9 1914) was a Dutch industrial designer.
Started the company Hala in 1932 and designed mostly modern lighting.
Another classic model is the Pinocchio.
H. Busquet past away June 12 1977.

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