Mid century modern design light

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Vintage hanging lamp

This beautiful hanging lamp dates from 1964 and is remarkable in very good condition.
Timeless design, a matte white opaline glass tube with a metal dish.
The lamp distributes the light nicely through the opal glass.
Marked: With the original gold Philips sticker.

This lamp is in the Philips folder of 1964, which also includes the Decora and Bijou desk lamp, NX546 floor light and the Locarno hanging lamp.

This light is fully cleaned and in very good vintage condition.
There was once a small sticker on the metal, this can be seen if you look closely. Since the paint is old, it is wise not to use an aggressive cleaning agent, the paint could come off.

Producer : Philips Holland.
Designer : Louis Kalff.
Year : 1964.
Material : Glass and metal.

Measurements :
Diameter - 20 cm / 7.9 inch.
Height - 25 cm. / 9.8 inch.

Original Edison screw-fitting E26/E27 for a 75 Watt light bulb.
Fully cleaned and equipped with a new electrical cord, 145 cm. / 57 inch. long.

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